Like other women in both the early church and the church today, sacrificed countless hours for the advancement of God’s kingdom through her various church ministries. She remained focused on the goal of spreading the Good News and accomplished this task against insurmountable odds. Driven by her deep sense of desire, purpose, faith and commitment, Phoebe traveled many miles in order to deliver the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Christians of Rome. This letter was important, for its contents would become the bridge to understanding God’s plan for future Christians.

Phoebe’s steadfast motivation touched the hearts of countless people who otherwise may not have been receptive to the gospel. Without this diligent and faithful servant, we might not have the book of Romans from which to read and garner spiritual insight.

Phoebe goes virtually unnoticed in the Biblical text, and many women servants of Christ today go unnoticed too. Phoebe’s work however was very important. In Roman’s 16:1 Paul called her “A servant of the church in Cenchrea.” Used in this way, the word “servant” the word probably refers to the position of woman deacon, or deaconess.imagesCAIVMC1Y

She served those who were receiving the message of salvation, and she carried that message to others…imagesCAQG7AVM

Sister’s of the Faith, while our work of spreading the Good News and bringing other’s to Christ may be trying at times, we must stay focused on the outcome because there are countless others that who receive it that will be blessed in ways that we cannot possibly foresee.

As humanistic and natural as it is to want outward recognition for the work that we do, we must not lose our focus on our commitment to the Lord when we do not receive such recognition. Our true reward is in Heaven and our rewarder sees our hard work and knows what we do.imagesCA1982Z6

Phoebe serves as an example of a faithful woman servant who is empowered by God to serve…Women of the world…work as a servant unto God; Glorify God through all of your tasks, and He will remember you as a faithful servant. He will receive the Glory, and you and others connected to you will be richly blessed…



Dinah; An Abused Woman…

Dinah is a forgotten woman in the Bible. While we know much about her brothers, Jacobs 12 sons, we know very little about this female child. Jacob's only daughter mentioned in scripture.
Genesis 34 tells the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Dinah left the Hebrew campsite to visit the women in the land. Away from the protection of her family enclave, Dinah was taken by Shechem, the son of a local ruler, and raped.W-2012-index6
When Jacob learned of his daughters rape, he was silent. He did not protest against her treatment; instead he listened to the appeals of Dinah’s rapist in the interest of political harmony between the Hebrews and the Hivites. While Jacob continued to negotiate, Dinah’s brothers began plotting against the Hivites; meanwhile, Dinah was noticeably absent from the proceedings. According to the story, her feelings and views were never taken into consideration. And not until verse 2 does the reader learn that Dinah had been in Schechem’s house all along.
As women, we may relate to Dinah’s story. We may have been devalued simply for being born in a culture in which male children are granted more prestige and promise. Perhaps we have been abused in the name of love in the name of so-called loving relationships, while those around us ignored our pain. Perhaps family members and friends are fully aware of the abuse but have chosen to turn away in silence.391380_495478227132595_522306771_n
This chapter tells a tragic story of yet millions of other tragic stories and an even more tragic story of a woman named Marissa Alexander. Is there redemption here? First we can relate to Dinah’s brothers when they learned of her rape. They declared that the rape should not have been done(Genesis 34:7). They declared that the rape of one woman is an affront to the entire community. And while their methods of revenge are abhorrent to us, they ultimately removed Dinah from her place of violation. We need to have the same anger as Dinah’s brothers had when we hear of violence toward our abused sisters. We, too, can declare that physical and mental abuse are unacceptable and offend the entire community. WE MUST NOT BE SILENT!!!!bth_185050_328126403950543_350406501_n
When I thought about writing this today I was inspired by the tragic story of Marissa Alexander.
Mandatory Minimums
A beautiful woman, mother, daughter, sister and…a victim of spousal abuse and domestic violence. Any woman reading this knows what I am talking about and has suffered some type of abuse, be it at home, work, school,or sadly, even at church. Even me…I was a victim and I too could have suffered the unfortunate fate that Marissa is now facing had it not been for real justice being served on the right individual. What the authorities have done in Florida in the domestic abuse case of Marissa Alexander is just as appalling as finding a man who actually shot a 17 year old boy to death for brandishing a bag of skittles and a bottle of Snapple. Marissa stood her ground just like George Zimmerman and was sentenced to 20 years in prison while her abuser (her husband)and the murderer of a child (George Zimmerman) walked free…Where is the justice in that.UPTOWN_marissa_alexander1isuntitled

Tupac Shakur couldn’t have said it better when he posed the question “Why do we hate our women?” Men of the world why do you hate your women, lie to your women, cheat on your women, and then beat your women when they speak up and even when they don’t. Your mother is a woman, or have you forgotten? KNOCK IT OFF AND PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE AND GENDER…



Eve; The First Woman of God


The story of Eve is relevant to women of all races, creeds, and colors for several reasons. The creation of Eve, the first women, happened on the sixth day of creation.

In the first chapters of Genesis, the story of the creation of Eve demonstrates the importance of men and women,complementing one another,supporting one another and empowering one another. When women develop and nurture relationships; whether they are intimate, familial, professional or social, we must remember the importance of embracing and empowering through our role as “helper”(Genesis 2:20) I don’t mean helper only in the sense of a husband and wife team or in a male-female relationship, but also and exclusively from a Biblical stance: women helping women, women helping men, women helping children, women helping community and women helping others who may or may not be like them.woman-different-countries

Eve’s story also shows the challenge of listening and hearing God when God speaks to us. When we as women fail to hear Gods voice, we move in the wrong direction, and we commit sin. Eve first sinned when she listened to the serpent instead of God(Genesis 3:1-8). untitled

There will be times when we too listen to the wrong voice, but it’s important to remember that we can always go to God and seek forgiveness.Forgiven

There is no need to hide from God. God wants us to confess our wrongs to him. In fact, in Genesis 3:9 God asked Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” The question “Where are we in our relationship with God?” should ever be before us. imagesCAHW6ZWA

The moral of the story of Eve should remind all women that God has created them in His image. We know that God has empowered and inspired many women to be pioneers, to be helpers and to be women who listen to the voice of God…

Are you a woman who listens to God? A woman who nurtures her relationship with Him and also with those that you comes in contact with each and every day no matter who they are, or what ethnicity they are. When you look in the mirror, is the woman staring back at you the reflection of Jesus? Be Blessed Woman of God


I Am The Daughter of A King…

imagesCA53T9ZMimagesCA3YCD8UimagesCAIHWT3Itumblr_mkwepqk0a11r7ksqyo1_1280Hillary-Clinton-9251306-2-402img-thinginfluential-women-of-the-past-100-years-543368203-apr-5-2012-600x450untitledWhitney-HoustonOnassis,Jacqueline_Kennedyuntitled10-most-important-women-in-history-princess-diana No matter who we are or what we have ever done in our lives to tarnish our public image, we are all daughter’s of a king…

THE CREATION OF WOMAN…When God created woman, He created her equal to man, not inferior or superior. She was created for a purpose and for greatness! How was woman created? It began with God putting Adam into a deep sleep, taking out one of his ribs, and closing the place up with flesh(Genesis 2:21-24) The word “flesh” represents life itself–created life. God had to remove something “out of” Adam to create and make room for what He was bringing back to Him–another life…Woman. untitled
God created woman from the rib of man. In Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament, the word for ribsignifies the side of something–more often the side of a building than a person. Therefore, the woman is at the man’s side: as his confidante, encourager and inward strength. She is his “helper”(Genesis 2:20), the one most appropriate for his life. The word “helper” does not imply inferiority. It describes a function and not worth. Women do not lose their worth when they assume the role of a helper. Adam expressed Eve’s purpose when he said “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”(Genesis 2:23) He was saying that the woman was literally a part of him.
When God brought the woman to Adam, God brought into Adam’s life a trusted friend and a wife. She became something that nothing else or no one else could be to him. When Adam said” She shall be called ‘woman'”( Genesis 2:23) he was declaring her existence. Adam was also praising and celebrating her creation. The woman became Adams spiritual partner in the task of obedience to God, dominion over the earth and procreation of the generations.
Adam represents all humanity, and the woman was named Eve because she was the mother of all humanity(Genesis 3:20). She was created with life, to bring life, to nurture life and to be an example of life. Every human life has received a woman’s touch.
Woman was fearfully and wonderfully made(Psalms 139:14), purposefully saved(John 15:16),gifted for greatness(1 Corinthians 12:4-7), empowered to accomplish God’s will(Ephesians 1:17-21), assigned to do great things(Matthew 28:1-10). She is a crown of glory(Proverbs 12:4; Isaiah 62:3) and the Lord’s own possession(Malachi 3:17). The woman was created for greatness.